Location Location Location

The Landmrk-powered “Homeland: Surveillance Mission” project has made the finals of the Ninth Annual Shorty Awards in the Location-Based Experiences category. While this is great news in itself -- and will make our April 23 a good deal more exciting that it otherwise would have been -- it also offers the opportunity to see how location is being used across the web to inspire new campaigns and experiences.

The other shortlisted projects span everything from targeted Facebook posts to pop-up restaurants, but the overall focus seems predominately on immediate local experiences to promote local services.

Poké-Palooza: The Grand Bazaar Shops mall lies at the junction of the Las Vegas Strip and Flamingo Road. It’s home to outlets like Wahlburgers, Sin City Brewing and Superdry. In a project put together by Crowd Siren, “Pokémon GO!” fans in Vegas were alerted using social media to Poké Palooza: four events over the period of a month dedicated to all things Pokémon, featuring temporary tattoos, real-life Pokémon, music and more.

Zagat Tiny Café: The restaurant reviews people Zagat are back with a mobile app and a new, cut down format for reviews. Reflecting this and the YouTube-driven passion for all things ‘tiny food’, Zagat opened a pop-up Tiny Café at Astor Place in New York, inviting everyone for tiny versions of some of the highest-rated dishes in the city.

Lyft Of A Lifetime: The Singapore Tourist Board was looking for a way to promote the new Singapore Airways San Francisco to Singapore route. The 1000heads agency solution was to brand one of the Lyft taxi fleet as the Lion City Lyft and have its driver turn into a gameshow host, grilling millennial passengers on how open they might be to new experiences on the Island City State. All trips were recorded for social media sharing and the winners headed off to sample Singapore Slings in the hotel they were invented.

JBL EON ‘ONE Take’: JBL wanted to encourage the sampling of their new EON ONE Professional PA system and so embarked on a 1,200-mile truck trek across America stopping at 28 cities, setting up shop and inviting local talent to enter the ‘ONE Take’ competition. Entries were whittled down to 10 finalists, whose takes were uploaded to YouTube and the voted on using ‘Likes’.

Building Future-Ready Enterprises: Dell Enterprises wanted to retarget audiences for its Future-Ready Cities initiative and, in association with Mediacom, produced ads across Facebook Canvas with a clear local hook to engage audiences more directly; so rather than the generic ‘Future-Ready Cities’, viewers would be served ‘Future-Ready Toronto’ content, for example. This localisation did the trick, resulting in vastly increased engagement.

While most of these initiatives have strong shareable elements in terms of social media (or were driven through smart local advertising buys using social platforms), many are very physical in nature: promoting a Las Vegas mall, reviewing New York eateries, encouraging the use of SFO-SIN flights or driving a truck across the USA. We are excited by the idea that Landmrk could help bridge the gap between these real-world activations (with digital promotion) and localised advertising driven through digital means. As with “Homeland: Surveillance Mission”, the platform enables clients to generate real-world happenings using purely digital means -- this can then reverberate out into wider messaging using shareables and desktop activations for as wide an audience as is desired.

What is maybe most interesting about this shortlist of location-based initiatives is how much the definition of this activity is being developed and grown. At Landmrk we are excited by the vision of overlaying physical locations with digital value; generating projects that can be seamlessly promoted across social media and engage audiences in a very direct way.

The real world doesn’t need to be completely divorced from the virtual one. In fact, we are increasingly in a position whereby these elements can enhance each other, interact and play in new and interesting ways.

Speaking of which, feel free to contact us at hello@landmrk.it if you would like a virtual or real-life chat about all things Landmrk. We're all about working together to help make your visions a reality.