Shakira Seeks El Dorado: Landmrk Points The Way

Colombian Superstar Shakira is inviting the world to hunt the mystical treasures of “El Dorado” -- her latest album offering -- at 890 Landmrk-generated goldspots across 90 countries.

Starting today with a staggered reveal of the album’s cover, tracklisting and footage from the first day of recording, ‘The Search For El Dorado’ campaign on Landmrk can be accessed at and will run at least until the album’s release on May 26.

What all this means is that “Whenever, Wherever” fans want to open goldspots and uncover exclusives, behind-the-scenes footage or get involved in other hyper-engaging Shakira activities, they can just “Waka-Waka” to a goldspot and -- no word of a “Lie” -- “Try Everything” there and then.

Horrendous puns aside, Shakira’s team at Sony Music Latin (who also used the Landmrk platform for boyband CNCO’s album launch -- have lined up some fantastic content and ideas for these reveals, so if you want to be among the first to know about what “El Dorado” promises, go find a goldspot and unlock. If single release “Me Enamoré” is anything to go by, you’re in for a treat.

And if you’re in the mood to talk more about location-based campaigns on the Landmrk platform, drop us a line at