London Calling: Rise Against Make London Their Playground

Chicago punk band Rise Against claimed London as their own this week, sending fans racing across the city to answer clues and secure tickets to the band’s sold out June 2 show.

Using the Landmrk platform to activate hotspots pre-loaded with questions, Rise Against fans took to the streets and parks of the capital after being alerted by geo-restricted Facebook posts in a race to win entry to the 750-capacity gig at The Garage.

Rise Against then scheduled a last-minute pop-up performance at Hyde Park’s Speakers' Corner on June 1, the audience given time to make their way to a special hotspot highlighted on the band’s bespoke Landmrk map -- all co-ordinated by the act’s label, Virgin EMI/Universal Music.

The band release their eighth studio album, “Wolves”, on June 9. The intimate London date followed a similar performance in Berlin, but they are now revving up for a 20-plus date rip through the US and Canada.

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