Landmrk Steers NY Shakira Fans To Pop-Up Performance

As part of 'The Search For El Dorado', Shakira's Landmrk-powered campaign around the launch of new album "El Dorado", the chart-topping superstar rewarded devoted fans in New York with the unlocking of the ultimate treasure: herself.

After tweeting to her 45 million followers -- "NYC check your goldspots, the goldest of them all. See you soon ;) Shak" -- the singer turned up at Washington Square Park for an impromptu acoustic performance with her band.

The pop-up performance was the latest phase in a campaign that has seen fans unlock behind the scenes recording footage, an exclusive preview of new track "Nada", and the opportunity to take special 'golden selfies' signed by the singer herself.

"El Dorado" is available from May 26 and the platform will remain live at least until then, so head to your nearest goldspot and see what's on offer. If you’re now in the mood to talk more about location-based campaigns on the Landmrk platform, drop us a line at