Landmrk Puts CNCO Fans In The Frame For Video Launch Project

Latino boyband CNCO has shattered its new music video “Solo Yo” into single frames, scattering them around the world for fans to pick up one-by-one in an innovative new use of the Landmrk platform.


In total 4,218 frames have been placed all around the world, with fans able to either head to their nearest hotspot to claim the image or request the creation of a fresh location nearby. Once all the frames have been recovered, the band’s video will be released.

Since winning Simon Cowell’s “La Banda” talent search in South America, CNCO have gone on to secure success worldwide, including releasing a UK chart-topping remix of “Reggaetón Lento” with fellow Syco-inspired stars Little Mix. In fact, the single was taken from the band’s debut album, “Primera Cita”, which was also trailed with a groundbreaking Landmrk campaign bringing fans together to hear the music for the first time.

Ricardo Chamberlain, Digital Marketing Director of CNCO’s label Sony Music US Latin said: “At Sony, we want to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible and what fans expect. Our partnership with Landmrk has seen us do that with artists like Shakira and this is our second project with CNCO. We love to see fans moving to engage with artists and are expecting even more unbelievable reactions on social media this time.”

Landmrk CEO Seth Jackson added: ““We’re constantly evolving our platform to offer marketers, artists and brands new ways to engage with their fans. This campaign builds on the brilliant partnership we’ve developed with Sony Music and will offer a new, physical dimension to the launch of CNCO’s latest music video.”

To check out the desktop offering of the “Solo Yo” campaign and track the project’s development, head to -- and if you are on your mobile phone, click here.