Landmrk Plays Key Role In Sky One ‘Heist’

Who hasn’t idly dreamed of pulling off a successful heist and spending the rest of their days laid in the shade in some tropical paradise? Which is why we at Landmrk couldn’t have been happier when the team behind Sky One’s “The Heist” chose to power their ‘Win The Heist’ game through the platform -- offering one successful sleuth a £5,000 prize.

Win The Heist: Crack the case on Landmrk for a chance to win £5K... 

“We wanted to bring the thrill of the show to our social channels, and the ‘WinTheHeist’ game does exactly that,” explains Sky Senior Social Media Manager Matthew Blore. “It’s simple, fun and comes with a great prize. We’ll be promoting the game across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and also working with a number of social influencers.”

Users activate the experience and head to one of 300 start points across the UK. After a brief explanation of the story, clues are made available at three further hotspots, before the crime solvers head to a final point to establish who they think committed the crime.

“Creating a Landmrk-powered experience for “The Heist” feels like such a natural fit. The best location-based experiences rely heavily on compelling storylines and potential payoffs, and ‘WinTheHeist’ delivers these by the bucketload,” says Landmrk co-founder Tom Nield. “As audiences are becoming more discerning, broadcasters are looking for new ways of engaging people and platforms such as Landmrk offer another tool that can be used to develop and extend these stories.”

If you think you’ve got what it takes to identify the bad guy (or guys), then head to from your mobile before midday on Friday, November 23. And if you’d like to talk more about how you could use Landmrk to power similar experiences, then drop us a line at