Landmrk Moments: Ricardo Chamberlain, Digital Marketing Director, Sony Music US Latin

In what is likely to be a wildly inconsistent series, Landmrk has a quick word with people who've elected to use the platform to date and find out a little more about them.

Ricardo Chamberlain

First up: Ricardo Chamberlain, the digital marketing maestro at Sony Music US Latin who has created award-winning campaigns using Landmrk, including a groundbreaking CNCO activation early in the boyband's burgeoning career, and who tested the tech to its limits with a huge push around the launch of Shakira's "El Dorado" album this summer.

What phone do you currently have?
iPhone 7

Tell us about one of your favourite places.
London, this city has captivated me since I was a kid. British music always makes me want to be in London and experience the culture. Everyone always complains about London weather but I love it! The pubs, each pub has its own personality and mood, what better than drinking a pint at your favourite one.

What’s your favourite Landmrk project to date?
CNCO Go! That has to be the best one! The engagement and reactions on social media were unbelievable. It became our first award winning campaign and my first experience working with the AMAZING Landmrk team, making them work extra hours due the time difference. More than a project it was the beginning of a great partnership.

Do you have a favourite brand? What draws you to it?
Vans. I’ve always liked cool, comfortable shoes that don’t look silly. These are the ones and the fact that they started as skater shoes and were able to go mainstream without any major marketing investment really appeals to me.

Can you imagine a Landmrk activation around the brand?
Yes, of course!

Ricardo spotted the potential of Landmrk early and we have loved collaborating with him and Sony Music US Latin for the past couple of years. From the Landmrk side, we are always excited to work with marketers with vision who look to employ our platform in new and exciting ways. Stay tuned for our next project, which is looking all sorts of fun...