Landmrk Shoots to Change The Game At Viva Technology Paris

The Landmrk team is busy dusting off its French phrase books after being invited to attend the Viva Technology Paris event in June -- aka 'The World's Rendez-Vous for Game Changers -- to pitch a planned 'Paris Region Map of Discovery'.

After responding to a challenge to create a new cultural and tourism experience, the VivaTeam has decided Landmrk is "one of the most interesting and innovative companies to successfully answer". We know when to take a compliment and can only respond: "Merci."

We're now excitedly looking at how to capture the thrill of visiting Paris and using Landmrk to turn the spotlight on its hidden attractions -- maybe even putting a new spin on its iconic... landmarks. It seems a match made in Heaven.

If you are attending VivaTech and would like to see what we cook up between now and the event, head to the Paris Region booth on Thursday, June 15, where we will be showing off the platform and our solution from 2pm-5pm. If you miss us then, feel free to drop us a line at