Landmrk Moments

Given that Landmrk is all about location, it feels appropriate to start this blog at the moment we move from the shared start-up seats of Old Street’s Runway East and set up shop in SE1. The office is slowly coming together, wi-fi is on its way (allegedly) and 2017 is already shaping up to be supremely exciting.

We’ve now updated the Landmrk case studies at with “Homeland” and CeX activations. Showtime Networks trailed the sixth series of the CIA caper with a rip around some of the key Lower Manhattan locations from the show, taking in Wall Street, the lovely Bryant Park and Times Square. CeX opted to transform their High Street stores into potential prizewinning opportunities in the week running up to Christmas, with customers checking in to win everything from monster TVs to retro games consoles.

In the wake of these projects, the team has been hard at work to help deliver new campaigns and develop possible uses of Landmrk and… all being well… we’ll soon be in a position to share real world applications of fresh ideas. But if you want to find out more about the platform, ask any questions or simply invite yourself to our new offices for drinks, mail us at