Cider, You, And Jonas Blue...

Picture this: a glorious setting, the sun is shining, Jonas Blue's latest tune is spinning and you're with your friends downing a icy cider. All this could be yours -- one way or the other -- with the latest Landmrk project to go live.

The "Mama" artist is looking to source four friends to appear in his next music video which, given his work to date, is likely to be located somewhere swish, sunny and sheenily sexy. In order to enter you need to go through the Carling Tap App and head to the Cameos section, where you will be steered to a Landmrk hotspot to enter.

But it doesn't end there, as you will also be able to pick up a free four-pack of Carling Cider at select Tesco outlets as part of the process. So, either way, you and your friends can enjoy a free drink on Jonas Blue and Carling.

The campaign closes on July 4, so get downloading and exploring the map. This project was developed in association with Universal Records and Tesco's -- and if you like the look of it, drop us a line at