Big Beat Uses Landmrk Logic To Send Us All Into 'Space'

When you partner up with Big Beat Records, previously home to acts like Chromeo and Hercules & Love Affair -- and now supporting the careers of bands like Rudimental and Clean Bandit -- it’s best to operate on the basis that the unexpected is odds on to make an appearance. But even knowing that, the Warner Music-rostered label built a project blending Landmrk, data harvested from the European Space Agency (ESA) and its own  ‘Big Beat Ignition: Space’ release into something completely new, turning our platform on its head in the process.

One-off Space Cadet Ensign badges were generated for all users

As a rule, Landmrk activations to date have followed a user flow that moves audiences through an initial engagement (usually triggered through a social link), encouraging them into a journey to locate a hotspot, where they will access a reward -- which can range from any media deliverable by mobile web to brand representatives handing out prizes to artists like Shakira delivering one-off sets.

Big Beat took a very different tack, opting to utilise Landmrk’s new logic engine -- which is powered by data furnished by ESA and its hugely powerful satellite network -- to personalise audience rewards based on the user’s position in both space and time at the point of engagement. You can check out the results from your mobile here, underlining at a stroke that we’re all very much together on this particular journey through the Universe.

In this way, while using the build to premiere tracks from the likes of KC Lights, Chapter & Verse and Nightlapse (and send users directly to Spotify and Apple Music to register to hear the full album first on its April 3 release), Big Beat furnished fans with one-off Space Cadet Ensign Badges to share, produced using custom data variables such as their position in relation to the International Space Station, the stage of the lunar cycle and the distance Earth has travelled around the Sun since a track was previewed.

“ESA helped us to develop our existing contextual experiences platform, which is like a ‘Pokemon GO!’ for music,” explains Landmrk founder Seth Jackson. “Landmrk enables music artists and record labels to deliver any type of digital content to fans anywhere in the world. Here, with this Big Beat project, we have effectively flipped what the platform does in a proof-of-concept that is lighthearted and fun.”

Head of Feasibility Studies at ESA, Norbert Huebner, agrees: “We are supporting companies [like Landmrk] to use space data or space technologies either to enhance existing services or develop new ones for any terrestrial market. The entertainment market is a new one for us, but is very interesting. We are open to anyone who has an idea for a new product or service.”